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This page has the Special Programs & Academic Honor Societies many of our exceptional students are apart of.

Academic Honor Societies


National Honor Society

Students are inducted into the National Honor Society during the months of February or March.  Students with a grade point average of 3.5 or better at the end of the first semester of their sophomore year are candidates for the National Honor Society.  Selection is based on character, service, and leadership as well as on scholarship.


Mu Alpha Theta

Candidates for this Mathematics Honor Society must have completed five semester hours of college preparatory mathematics, be enrolled in the sixth semester, and have maintained a “B” average during those five semester.  Members are expected to give some of their time before and/or after school for tutoring


Parker High School Honor Roll

In recognition of outstand academic achievement, Parker High school awards students with exceptional grade point averages (GPA) membership on the Parker Honor Roll; students with GPA’s of 3.0 to 3.49 are placed on the School’ Honor Roll; students with GPA’s of 3.5 or better are placed on the Principal’s Honor Roll.


Special Programs



The purpose of SECME is to increase the number of minority students in engineering, mathematics and science.  To achieve this mission, representatives from numerous universities and corporations work together to assist school systems with high percentages of minority students in developing and implementing local school programs.


Special Education

Parker High School supports and encourages the education of exceptional children.  An individual education program designed to provide the least restrictive learning environment is developed for each Special Education Student.


Career Technical Education

The career technical educational classes at Parker High School are designed to introduce students to the working sector of today’s society.  Classes such as occupations education, graphic arts, hotel-management, food services, child care, marketing, and home economy related occupations will help provided students with the essential skills for an entry level position in today’s job market.

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