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Parker Community School Zone 1

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Parker Community School Zone 1


The community school is the delivery vehicle for the Community Education Department.  Community Education is a concept of lifelong opportunities providing citizens access to be involved in the educational process from the cradle to the grave.  The community school objectives are to cooperate with community agencies providing health, educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to the school and communities.  Activities include use of school facilities; agency collaborations; youth at-risk programs; crime prevention; literacy enrichment; academic enhancement; recreational events; cultural arts; vocational classes; community services and civic involvement.
Service Area
In January of 2005, the Birmingham Board of Education merged the Brown and Jackson-Olin Community School program into Zone 1 Parker Community School.  The Zone concept is one to offer services to the community from a central area with satellite centers.  The program offerings have not changed.  Classes and activities are developed based on community needs.  The school and their service areas are identified below.
Schools & Principals

A. H. Parker High                  Joseph L. Martin                 231 - 2370

Ensley High                          Ethel Knight                       231 - 6250

Jackson Olin High                 Linda J. Parson                   231 - 6431

Bush Middle                         Aurlinda Hagler                    231 - 6000

Daniel Payne Middle             Pinnie Yarbrough                 231 - 3190

Glenn Middle                        Dr. Cleo Larry                     231 - 6370

Wilkerson Middle                  Constance Burns                231 - 2740

Brown Elementary                 Robbie Sullivan                   231 - 1190

Council Elementary               Steve Brown                       231 - 6190

Hill Elementary                     Alice Shipman                   231 - 2190

Minor Elementary                  Dave Porter                       231 - 6555

South Hampton Elem.           Cedric Tatum                    231 - 6680

Tuggle Elementary                Johnnie Finkley                 231 - 2675

Wilson Elementary                Dr. Anthony McGraw          231 - 2800

Wylam Elementary                Judith Ross                       231 - 6800


Service Areas

Bush Hills, Fountain Heights, Thomas, East Thomas, Smithfield, College Hills, Ensley Graymont, Enon Ridge, Ensley Highlands, Fairview, Belview Heights, Sherman Heights, Wylam, Tuxedo, Oak Ridge, Dolomite, North Pratt, Central Pratt, Sandusky and Smithfield Estates.

The Community School's Staff
Stitting from right to left:
C. McCord-Baugh, Coorinator
L. Bell, Community School Secretary
Standing from right to left:
E. Simpkins, Secretary
G. Clark, Community Assistant
A. H. Parker High School * 900 - 4th Street North * Birimingham * Alabama * 35204