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The Shoulders On Which We Stand...

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In Parker's more than 100 years of its existence, it has only had eight principals.   This speaks highly of the dedication and committment of its administrators. There is truly "no other high school like Parker High."

     Dr. Arthur Harold Parker                   Mr. William Bennett Johnson
1900 - 1939                                       1939 - 1947
                           Founder and First Principal
  Mr. Robert Charles Johnson               Mr. Edward Bennett Thompson
1947 - 1969                                     1969 - 1989
   Mrs. Lovie Jean Hayden                          Dr. Eddie Dansby, Jr.
Jan. 1989 - June 1989                                1989 - 1998
                                     Interim Principal
 Dr. Raymond Reddick                           Mr. Joseph L. Martin
     1998 - 2002                                        2002 - Present

A.H. Parker High School * 900 - 4th Street North* Birmingham* Alabama * 35204