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The total school program, in keeping with its philosophy and objectives provided students with co-curricular and extra–curricular activities, which enable students to develop to their fullest potential as members of out society.  The program of activities, together with the program of studies forms an integrated whole, aimed toward a common objective; the creation of well-educated students who have ample opportunity for devolving leadership, initiative, cooperation, and responsibility.   Involvement and experiences in the student activity program will help them meet their leisure, relational, social, and emotional needs and will be preparations for preset and future involvement in the affairs of the community,


Activities are initiated as the needs and interest arise.  Parker High School assumes no responsibility for activities not formally approved by the principal.

Academic Bowl

The purpose of the Parker High School Academic Bowl Team is to develop and teach students the art of competitiveness.  It allows students the opportunity to work together and combine their skill completion.  Try-outs will be held during the first semester.



The purpose of the Parker High School Band program is to teach students fundamentals and techniques of playing individually and collectively in order to display the beauty and organized performances while learning to appreciate and understand the works of contemporary and past composers.


The band has received many commendations for its marching and concert ability. It performs at all Parker High School football games community parades, assembly programs, annual Christmas and spring concerts, annual city, district, and state completions.


Concert Choir

Choral music students who sing in the school choir may audition for the Concert Choir.  Students are chosen for this choir at the discretion of the direction.  They must show an above average proficiency in internal reading, sight, reading, and rhythms.


The purpose of the group is to support the athletic teams and to boost school spirit.

The purpose of the Parker High School Debate Club is to incorporate the skills taught during class in competition.


Dance Team/Majorette

The Parker High School Dance Team allows students to support the athletic teams and to boost school spirit.  Try-outs are held during the second semester.


Key Club

The Parker High School Key Club is a service leadership organization for high school students, operating under school regulations and drawing its membership from the student body.  The Key Club's objective is the development of imitative, leadership ability, and good citizenship practice.


Mathematics Team

The Parker High School Mathematics teams have a rich history of competitiveness, in the All-City and local/area competition.  Students are able to compete in the following areas: Algebra I, Algebra II – 9th Graders, Geometry, Algebra II-11th Graders, Comprehensive, and Calculus.  You may check with you math instructor for additional information concerning try-outs.


School Choir

All students enrolled in a choral music class are eligible for this choir.  The school choir must participate each year in the All-City Music Festival.  This choir is also responsible for proving music for regular school program and other school programs.


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